Interested in a Stress Eater? Check out the options below to help you decide what your quirky new friend might look like!

First, pick a main colour. I currently have six different colours of fleece:

If you want a different colour than what I have, don’t hesitate to ask! Just keep in mind that getting a new colour of fleece may increase the amount of time it takes me to make your Stress Eater.

I have almost any colour in felt and thread for the face details, and I have black, white, and some coloured buttons for the eyes. 

Some past Stress Eaters have had an inspiration that influenced how they looked. If you want your Stress Eater to be inspired by an animal or theme I will try my best to incorporate that into the design. If you aren’t sure about how your new Stress Eater should look I will use my intuition to make something unique!

Please keep in mind that it can take up to a month for me to make a new Stress Eater since I am school full time finishing my degree. If you would like your Stress Eater finished sooner I will do my best to meet your deadline.


Each Stress Eater costs about $65 (+ S&H). Contact me at info@stresseaters.com so we can work out pricing and payment options!